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  • Counselling isn’t just for adults ….

Counselling for Teenagers

Counselling isn’t just for adults …. you have a voice too and you deserve to be heard.

It's really tough to be a teenager these days.    Your generation is experiencing ever increasing rates of change and the stress on you every day can be very overwhelming.   There is a great deal to make sense of and what I can offer you is a safe and confidential space to talk.    There is no right or wrong here ... I hope you will be able to tell me your story in your own way and we can work together to make it clearer and more manageable.

Talking can be tough so I welcome lyrics, poems, stories, characters or indeed anything that enables you to express how you feel.  I'd be happy to talk through with you whatever you may wish to bring.

I mentioned confidentiality and it is important to explain exactly what that means. I will not discuss your sessions with anybody, not your family, friends, school or GP.    However, it is also extremely important that you are safe and if you are at risk of harm from yourself or others then we will need to talk about that together and, if necessary, involve an outside agency.   You and I will explore what any disclosure may mean, how it will happen and what that may bring up for you.   No disclosure is made without you and I talking about it first.

There is no right or wrong here … just the chance to say what’s going on in your world in your own way.