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Why do I need to process information about you?

In providing you with psychotherapeutic services as Sam Elderfield/Berkocounselling I will need to obtain and handle your personal information, specifically your name (first name and last initial), telephone number and email address. This information is essential to inform, facilitate and provide assessment and therapeutic services which are appropriate to your individual needs.


How will I hold this information?

Your personal information will be held as follows:

  1. Your first name, telephone number and email address will be stored on my phone for the purposes of communicating via call/text/email in regard to all aspects of our therapeutic relationship
  2. Your first name and session dates will be stored on my laptop for one tax year for the purposes of billing


Where do I keep the information?

On my computer

I use a personal computer that is located in my home and which is fully virus and password protected.   No other individual has access to my personal computer.  

As a paper copy

I do not keep clinical notes about you at any time.   Occasionally I may note a specific date/event as an aide memoire but in these circumstances, you are identifiable only by your initials.


How long will I store this information for?

I will hold information about you for as long as you receive services from me and for 3 years following the date of our last session together.   You have the Right to Erasure and can ask me to remove any personal information I hold about you.   If you wish to evoke your Right to Erasure please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Please note that in some circumstances, e.g. commitment to HMRC inspection of my financial records I may have to keep some personal information that I hold about you.  In these circumstances I will let you know as soon as possible and we will agree a mutually acceptable date to erase.


How can you access the information I hold?

You have the Right to Access the personal information that I hold about you.   If you wish to evoke your Right to Access please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What if you believe the information I hold about you is incorrect?

I hold the personal information you have provided to me at the point of first contact.   Please update me with any changes to your name or contact details.  If you believe I hold inaccurate information then please email me your updates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will update my records upon receipt.




Protecting your Information

I am committed to keeping the information I hold about you secure. To protect your personal data, I follow the guidelines and recommendations in line with my professional bodies and regulatory bodies such as the Information Commissioners Office. In the unlikely event of my security processes being compromised leading to a significant breach of your information, I will endeavour to inform you within 72 hours.



The confidentiality of your personal information is very important to me. All my services are confidential, and I will not share your information unless I judge that there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others, or with your written consent, or when I am legally obliged to do so.


Professional will:

In accordance with the requirements of my professional body I am required to hold a professional will in the event that I am unable to see you in the short term or in the event of my death.   Under these circumstances you will be contacted by my professional colleague Melanie Collins who holds a list of my clients first names, contact telephone numbers and the day/time of your session.  She does not hold any clinical information about you.   The list of clients is updated monthly and emailed to Melanie.  She deletes the previous list upon receipt of the new list.   


Who can you contact if you have concerns about my data management?

Should you have any concerns about the management of your data please contact me in the first instance. If I am unable to resolve your concerns, you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office:


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